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#224 Courthouse  28x22.jpg


"The Art of Sharing Memories"

   Mission Statement

Our mission here at JD Brown Studios is to offer beautifully crafted paintings of some of the history of our community, Pomeroy, Washington in Garfield County, where we were both raised.  Our goal is to reproduce our patrons' memories, by taking your photos and bringing them to life, in whatever setting you choose, and from anywhere not just Garfield County.  We also offer quality, signed and numbered, Limited Edition Prints on smooth canvas, specializing in Scenic Rural Landscapes as well as Historical and Wildlife Renditions.  Another important goal is to become prolific enough to give back to our community, through raffles, auctions and all out contributions to the people and organizations who serve and help our community endure. 

Satisfaction is guaranteed and there is no contract on Commissions, or custom original artwork.  Commissions, if proofed for reproduction, will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, for your protection.  It is a copyright infringement to personally reproduce or duplicate any image produced by JD Brown Studios.  We reserve the right to use any image produced by our Studio, on other products, such as calendars, greeting cards, book covers, posters, placemats, wallpaper, doormats, tattoos, toilet paper, etc.  Thank you for your support and for being a part of our passion of sharing nostalgic memories and giving back to our community.

JD Brown and Catherine Reinland


Panther Country Asotin, WA.jpg
Panther Country  Asotin WA
#303  St George House.jpg

 St George House

#163  Harvest Dance 15x30.jpg
Harvest Dance
#309 Episcopal Spring 18X24.jpg

Episcopal Spring

JD Brown 
Lewiston and Clarkston area paintings

All originals, and prints are available to order.  Call 509-570-6983 for information.  

#310 Entering Lewiston 22X28.jpg
#307 Leaving Lewiston 22X28.jpg
Leaving Lewiston
Entering Lewiston
#312  Grangeville Run.jpg 18X24.jpg
Grangeville Run
#323  Taft's Visit  12x24.jpg
Taft's Visit
#315  Red Wolf Morning  12x24.jpg
Red Wolf Morning
#308  Carnegies' Gift.jpg 20X24.jpg
Carnegies Gift
#320 Castle on the Hill  22X28.jpg
Castle on the Hill

Bighorn over Asotin

Silcott Weekend

Europan Skies

Shepherd Moons

Night Owl

Raptor Reach 

The Alley
Photo taken by Eric Argyle

#298 Peregrine Pursuit 2022. 2.jpg

Peregrine Pursuit

#311 Barn Duty 16X20.jpg

Judkins Tramway

Barn Duty

#222 Resting Place 14X18.jpg
Resting Place
#313  Final Resting Place.jpg
 Final Resting Place

Tucannon River Ranch

Big Sky Ranch

Marsh Hawk

Prints available for order on all Gallery Items Shown

#073 White Christmas

#073 White Christmas 18X24   Sold
Available Prints:  18X24, 12X16

#077 Old Peola 15x30.jpg

#077 Old Peola  15X30  Sold
Available Prints:  15X30, 12X24

#086 Ice Hunter 8X10.jpg

#086 Ice Hunter   8X10 Sold
Available Print:  8X10

#102 Catholic Church.jpg

#102 Catholic Church   
Available Prints:  18X24

#111 Highland Cathedral 22X28.jpg
#112 Dixon Mountain Ranch.jpg

#112 Dixon Mtn. Ranch   Sold
Availble Prints

#111 Highland Cathedral 22X28 Sold
Availble Prints:  22X28, 11X14

#115 Days End at PGG  20x30.jpg

#115  Days End at PGG  20X30 Sold
Avilable Prints:  20X30, 12X18

#117 Home for the Holidays.jpg

#117 Home for the Holidays  20x30  NFS 
Available Prints:   20x30   12x18

#128 Boys of Summer 15X45.jpg

#128 Boys of Summer   15x45
Available Prints:   10x30

#130 Redlin Retreat.jpg

#130 Redlin Retreat  18x24
Available Prints: 12x16 , 18X4

#132 Baker House 12X18.jpg

#132 Baker House    12X18  Sold 
Available Prints:  12X18

#133 Silent Night 15x45.jpg

#133 Silent Night   15X45
Available Prints:   10x30, 15X45

#141 Newport Lighthouse 15X30.jpg
#143 Joe Nichols Truck 9X12.jpg

#143 Joe Nichols Truck  9X12  Sold
Available Prints:  9X12

#144 Bartlow Residence 18X24.jpg

#144 Bartlow Residence  18X24  Sold
Available Prints:   18X24, 12X16

#141 Newport Lighthouse   15X30 NFS
Available Prints: 15X30, 12X24

#276 Tucannon River Ranch 16X20.jpg

#276 Tucannon River Ranch   16x20
Available Prints    16x20  

#150 The Old Neighborhood 20X24.jpg

#150 The Old  Neighborhood   20x24    Sold
Available Print:   20x24

#149 Bunch House 18X24.jpg

#149 Bunch House   18X24  Sold
Available Prints:  18X24, 12X16

#153 Bunch House in  the Snow 18X24.jpg

#153 Bunch House in the Snow   18x24
Available Prints :  18X24, 12X16

#154 Mayview Evening 20X30.jpeg

#154 Mayview Evening    20X30
Available Prints:  20X30, 12X18

#161 Phantom of Valentine Ridge

#161 Phanton of Valentine Ridge   18x24 Available Prints:  18X24, 12X16

#171 Clearwater Tower 20x24.jpg

#171 Clearwater Tower  20X24 Sold
Available Prints:  20X24

#180 Stormin' the 4th Green 20X30.jpg

#180 Stormin' the 4th Green       20X30
Available Prints:  20X30, 12X18

#270 Palouse Falls.jpg

#270  Emerald of Palouse  18x24
Prints available  18x24  12x16  

#186 Clarkston Golf Course 20X30.jpg

#186 Clarkston Welcome Mat   20X30
Available Prints:  20X30, 12X18

#197 Birdwatching.jpg

#197 Birdwatching  12x16
Available Prints:   9x12  12x16

#204 Maui Moon.jpg

#204 Maui Moon

#187 San Juan Lighthouse.jpg

#187  San Juan Dawn  16x20
Available Print:  16x20

#194 Hecita Head 18X24.jpg

#194 Hecta Head  Lighthouse   18X24
Available Prints:  18X24, 12X16

#198 Bunker Hill 16X20.jpg

#198 Bunker Hill  16X20
Available Prints:   16X20

#202 Rocky Reach 16x20.jpg

#202 Rocky Reach   16X20
Available Prints:  16X20

#205 Rogue Wave.jpg

#205 Rogue Wave

#207 Cotton Barn 22X28.jpg

#207 Cotton Barn    22X28
Available Prints:  22X28, 11X14

#208 Sugar Maple Lane 12X16.jpg

#208 Sugar Maple Lane   12X16 Sold
Available Prints: 12x16 

#209 Lynn School District.jpg

#209 Lynn School District   18x24
Available Prints:  18x24  12x16  

#211 Mayview School 18x24.jpg

#211 Mayview School  18X24
Available Prints:  18x24 12x16

#214 Hellsgate 18x36.jpg

#214 Hellsgate  20x40
Available Prints:  15X30, 12X24

#215 Beale Barn 18X24.jpg

#215 Beale Barn   18X24
Available Prints:  18X24, 12X16

#216 Longest Drive 20X30.jpg

#216 Longest Drive   20X30
Available Prints:  20X30, 12X18

#220 Cedar Waxwings.jpg

#220 Cedar Waxwings  12x16
Available Prints:  2x16 

#222 Resting Place 14X18.jpg

#222 Resting Place   14X18
Available Print: 14x18

#223 Twister 12x24.jpg

#223   Twister    12X24
Available Print :  12x24

#221 Christmas Retreat 12X18.jpg

  #221   Christmas Retreat  12x18
Available Prints:  12x18

#224 Courthouse  28x22.jpg

#224   Courthouse  Centennial  22X28
Available Prints:   22x28  11x14

#225 Illia School District.jpg

#225   Ilia School District   18x24
Available Prints in 18x24  12x16  

#230 Snake River Seahawk 15X30.jpg

#230 Snake River Seahawk   15X30
Available Prints:  15X30, 12X24

#231 Pataha Flour Mill 22x28.jpg

#231 Pataha Flour Mill    22X28
Available Prints:  22X28, 11X14

#233 Pomeroy Depot 18X24.jpg

 #233 Pomeroy Depot, 1939   18x24 Sold
Available Prints: 18x24  12x16  

#234 Mayview Tramway 22X28 Final.jpg

#234 Mayview Tramway    22X28
Available Prints:  22X28, 11X14

#235 Friday Night Lights  15X45.jpg

#235 Friday Night Lights  15X45
Available Print:  10X30

#238 Wedding night  24X30.jpg

#238 Wedding Night   24X30
Available Prints:  16x20   

#241 Chapel Hill.jpg

#241 Chapel Hill Easter  18x24
Available  Prints: 18x24 12x16

#244 Greene's Vista 18X36.jpg

#244 Greene's Vista  18X36
Available Prints:  15x30  12x24

#246 First Christian Church.jpg

#246 First Christian Church 16X20
Available Prints:  16X20

#314  Clearwater Nights.jpg
#243 Illia Dunes 15X30 NFS Prints12X24 a

#243 Ilia Dunes   15X30
Available Prints:  15X30, 12X24

#245 Saturday Nite Lites 15x30.jpg

#254 Saturday Night Lights    18x36 Sold
Available Prints:   15x 30  12x24

#247 Second Christian Church.jpg

#247 Second Christian Church   16x20
Available Prints:  16x20  

#249 Cardwell's Dept Store 22X28.jpg

#249 Cardwell's Department Store  22X28
Available Prints:  22x28  11x14

Clearwater Tower
Photo by Eric Argyle


"The Art of Sharing Memories"



    When asked to write my autobiography for an art reception, I thought about telling everybody about all the jobs I’ve had, the boards I’ve been on, the sports I played, and how wonderful and intelligent my children and grandchildren are, but since I have lived in Pomeroy, WA my whole life, everyone already knows all that.  So, I will skip all that and give you the unknown, inside scoop on my path to becoming an artist/ilustrator.

    It all started in Second Grade when I got my first Artist Commission.  My buddy, Dirty Johnny, wanted me to draw a picture of the posterior of one of our classmates.  So, I did, it was beautiful, we got caught, grounded, and could not play together for months.  That incident seriously stalled my artistic career until High School where they had an ingenious idea called ‘Study Hall’. There I learned to draw cartoons and caricatures of my teachers and classmates.  When I became a teenager, everything was pretty much of a testosterone blur, until I got married.  In 1980, Susy bought me a 35 mm Kodak Camera for our anniversary, and I went about the county snapping photos, hoping to become a photographer.  I found I did not have the patience or knowledge and had no control over the lighting or weather.  After watching Bill Alexander and Bob Ross on PBS for years, I figured it can’t be that hard to paint a picture of one of my photos.  So, I bought the Bob Ross Oil Painting Starter Kit and found out I was wrong.  After several attempts and a big mess that is still visible, I threw the paints and brushes into a box, and forgot about it.

    As a child, I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother, Lois Dixon Brown, while my parents were out of town.  She was immensely proud and spoke often of her mother, Jennie Dixon, who painted several pictures, and which are now scattered throughout the family.    When she died in 1983, I went home and frantically built a 200-pound easel out of scrap 2x6’s and ¾” plywood, dug out my box of paints, and began painting one reject after another.  Wildlife and landscapes were my first frustration, and I gave many of my first paintings to friends and family.  Then I pulled out my old photos from the early 80’s and began to find my niche. I had a wonderful and memorable experience growing up in Pomeroy and attempt to convey those memories that so many of us share.  Ever since entering my first Garfield County Fair, the encouragement from family, friends and others in the community has been a driving force for me.  I feel truly fortunate to have a hobby which combines with my desire to preserve our local history, to share memories, and to live in a community who appreciates it. 

     Since I wrote this light-hearted art bio for being the featured artist at the local Blue Mountain Artisan Guild three years ago, most of you know, that my life has changed significantly.  There are times in our lives when hobbies, or things that were important, suddenly seem unimportant.  I was a lost soul after Sue died, and my desire to paint died too.  Then Cathy Reinland came into my life, and to make a long story very short, we spent the last year turning ‘my nest’, into ‘our home’.  We made a lifetime decision because life does not get better than this.  Cathy is unselfish, compassionate, proactive, patient, techy and tenacious, in everything she does.   We would like to give back to the community that raised us, so when I mentioned turning my hobby into a business, she willingly volunteered to become my promotor, or ‘Art Agent’.  Since I am the sole proprietor, she will be seriously over worked and under paid.  So, hang on, off we go!    Wish us luck while we wish you all good health and a big ‘thank you’ for your support.


James Dewey Brown                              


JD Brown Studios


We enjoy Kayaking (a new sport for each of us) in the late spring, summer, and early fall with our 20 year old dog Koda.  We also have 2 Cats, 6 Hens, and 1 Rooster, as every mini farm should have these.  We also love gardening together, Cathy is the flower child and JD is the food grower, when the deer don't mow everything down.  We love the outdoors and spending time at our mini farm.  We enjoy our time with our blended family and friends.  We love it when the little kids come out for sleepovers, and are taking advantage of every moment, as there will come a time when we won't be as "cool" as we are now.   We enjoy  attending Grandkid Events when we can. 
We play a lot of Chess in the winter months, read, watch TV, watch a lot of Basketball,
watch it snow, etc.  Fortunately we both LOVE Christmas which makes the Holiday season Magical, Merry, and Bright.  Through some rough times for both of us, we took a large step forward together.  We both feel very blessed that when things go dark in life, there is hope after pain.  We truly love our life, our family, our community, and our  joyous Retirement Job.

Koda Kayaking.jpg
JD and Koda 2.jpg
cathy kayaking.jpg
chickens and roo.jpg
Go .jpg
Cathy 32021.jpg


JD Brown

JD Brown Studios

Pomeroy, WA 99347

509-843-1509~JD Phone

509-570-6983~Cathy Phone


254 Elsensohn Rd
Pomeroy, WA 99347

©2020 by JD Brown Studios

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